Am I eligible?

The International Payment Service is available to holders who receive individual dividend or interest payments of £10 or more.

Payments of less than £10 and more than £100,000 will be paid by sterling cheque, unless otherwise agreed.

We will pay your dividends or interest payments by currency draft or direct into your bank account in the currencies listed on the countries and currencies page.

Payments must be paid into an account in the same currency eg, US Dollars can only be paid into a US Dollar account - US Dollars, cannot be paid into a Swedish Krona account. The account to where payment is to be received must be domiciled in the country of the currency you have chosen eg, a US Dollar bank account must be domiciled in the USA, US Dollars cannot be paid into a US Dollar account that is domiciled in the United Kingdom.

The company in which you receive payment of dividends and/or interest in respect of the shares or other securities must participate in the International Payment Service - companies domiciled in Ireland do not participate in the service.

The service is not available to you if you make a scrip dividend election or participate in a dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP), a dividend reinvestment scheme (DRIS) or make a scrip dividend election or where you receive payments through CREST.

Requests for the International Payments Service will be ignored if you hold any existing currency election mandate in respect of your dividends or interest payments.

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